Rear Admiral Fali Bazack


Race: Dwarf

Born deep withing the Northern Mountains, Fali Bazack was raised as a disciplined warrior and leader. Often leading Dwarven mining expeditions and purging whole mountain ranges of Frost Giant and Orcs. On one such expedition, his team chanced across D’fhonn Ard. His martial and leadership skills were recognized by the Expeditionary Council and he was recommended to the Templars for induction and training in martial combat. He has since advanced to a prominant leadership position withn the ranks of the Templars and is currently stationed as regional govenor of Stralsgard.

A stout tactician and charismatic leader, he is beloved by all the troops under his command. They would follow him to the Abyss and back if necessary.

Rear Admiral Fali Bazack

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