Tag: Establishment


  • General Store

    A place in which adventurers can buy the most fundamental of goods needed for survival on the road and the occasional "special item."

  • Blacksmith

    A small establishment allowing for the creation of simple goods out of wood and metal ore. Most items can be repaired or deconstruction at a blacksmith but it lacks the proper equipment to forge advanced and high quality weaponry and armor.

  • Clothier

    A small shop dealing in light clothing such as cloth and hide. They also make items such as tents and bags and ladies' handkerchiefs.

  • Inn

    A roadside rest house providing warm food, good spirits, and a roof over your head - for a price.

  • Forge

    A large industrial complex. Forges provide all the benefits and functionality of a [[Blacksmith]] but also allow for the construction of high-grade military arms.

  • Stable

    An establishment for the care and well being of the land's beasts of burden. Depending on the type and supply, mounts may be purchased from this facility. Likewise, mounts may be sold or left in a stable master's care for safe keeping.

  • Air Ship Platform

    A large tower structure capable of receiving, manufacturing, and servicing the massive and complex airships that form the logistical backbone of the world's many nations and organizations.

  • Wizard Tower

    The exclusive sanctum of an Arcane Order. Within it's mysterious walls many secrets are bound and great power resides.

  • Temple

    Within these hallowed walls lie the bodies of countless heroes immemorial. Here initiates are trained for both the Clerical and Paladin orders by the most devout of each religions followers.

  • Port

    A port is a vibrant trade junction and a place by which sea transportation can be obtained.