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  • Rear Admiral Fali Bazack

    Race: Dwarf Born deep withing the [[Northern Mountains | Northern Mountains]], Fali Bazack was raised as a disciplined warrior and leader. Often leading Dwarven mining expeditions and purging whole mountain ranges of Frost Giant and Orcs. On one such …

  • Eöl Palantír

    An Elven Ranger who has integrated himself into the community of [[Adhmaid Aonair | Adhmaid Aonair]]. He acts as both it's protector and sheriff. He is good friends with [[:regis-boneshaper | Regis Boneshaper]]. It is usually Eöl who forces Regis to take …

  • Regis Boneshaper

    Popularly elected mayor of [[Adhmaid Aonair | Adhmaid Aonair]]. Well suited towards diplomacy and trade due to his craftiness with words and resourceful nature. He is somewhat of a lie about and slow to take action when confronted with obstacles.