Sithar's Journal I

We finally fought our way out of that demon airship. We all made it except for the druid, sadly his inexperience with the undead lead to his demise. I am glad to back on terra firma, even if I have been semi-forcefully drafted into a war.

I lack my blades, losing them is as if losing myself. I have had to use a pair of mere daggers in place of my ancestral swords. I do not know if I will ever see them again, but I have an idea as to how to replace them, if only in part. The blade designs here are much better than I had been led to believe. The village was more sheltered than I had believed. This is by no means my first venture outside of its walls, but I find myself in awe of the size of this city, even of the airship we were all taken by.

The companions I have gathered are a rather eccentric croud, the dwarf is bitter over his recent demotion. The tiefling seemingly withdrawn, whether we can even trust her at all I can not yet tell. The others I will write of more; for now, training calls.

We were thrust into our training almost immediately, trained by Thoridin, who pushed us all the harder for his recent sufferance. Despite the differences in our roles, we were trained the same. All basic endurance tasks and squad based challenges. As I write our training is not yet finished. Unfortunately.

The accomodation leaves a little to be wanting for. After spending so much time in the village and on the plains I am unaccustomed to enclosed spaces, master Llylwinn was correct once again. I hope that the village is alright. I was a mile or so away when I was taken, I can only pray that noone else was unfortunate enough to have been kidnapped as well. I fear that if they were, then they walked those halls as undead.

Sithar's Journal I

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